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The legendary oil kitty or seashy is a magnificent exotic butter. The butter of the stone is derived from the fruit tree. It is common on the African continent between Nigeria and Senegal.

INCI: Shea (Butyrospermum parkii) Butter Raw Appearance: solid/semi-approved mass, from ivory to gray-yellow. It has a recognizable, specific hazelnut flavor, sometimes similar to rancid butter: oleinov 40-55%, steppes 35-45%, palmitinto 3-7%, linolene up to 1%: 175-183 Yodine: 0.88-0.92 Solubility: Up to 17% active substances: vitamin E, F, F, D, B, C, fithoderol, corned oil, magnesium, magnesium, potassium, iron, folic acid, iron, folic acid
Type: unsaturated Method of Receipts: Mechanical detergent of Natual Butts enjoys great love in his homeland and continues to conquer the hearts of domestic cosmetics and soap makers.

In Africa, shea butter is used for food, and the remains of production are sold in markets. The local beauties of butter are treating many skin diseases, escaping from the dry weather, the constant wind, the heat.

The oil sew helps in daily care to heal, protect the skin and moisturize.

Today in cosmetic sphere it is used in the care of body, face and hair of all types.

We recommend to buy shea butter especially during the winter period. There’s no scarists in the cold with him.

MAIN PROPERTY PROPERTIES: Nutrient, protective (including UV); softening; anti-oxidant; restoring; moisturizer.
The shea butter is considered one of the best oils. It’s absorbent, but not instantly. The skin after it is very soft, unbelieveable to the touch.

Karite is often found in children’s creams. There are practically no allergies and contraindications.

Due to its antioxidant properties, it is added to the antiage-related cosmetics. The oil amplifies the regeneration, smoothies the wrinkles, and provides a pleasant rejuvenating effect.

Shi is a permanent feature of beach cosmetics. It will not only save from dry air and wind, but also protect against harmful ultraviolet rays.

We advise you to buy the butter of krit and check its properties at once. For that, it’s enough to put oil on your hands for the night and rub it in. In the morning, your pens will thank you.

Besides, the natural oil of the seashers will take care of beauty and health of nails and hair. To get away from the fingernails, it’s enough time to wiper the oil in your fingernails. And for good hair power, you can use balzahs and masks that contain the Hair oil.

You can buy shea butter in specialized shops of organic products or on Internet portals. On the Aromasoap site you can always choose a convenient weight of oil and quickly get your order.


USE OF TRAVEL: from stretch marks; base massage oil; for child, sensitive skin; for easing and subsequent healing of wounds and cracks; to maintain the elasticity of skin in the neck and decoltes; from sunlight; for broken nails; for the healing of insects from insect bites.
USE OF LITTLE FOR LITTLE dry skin from itching or silhouetation, redness; in antiage care for the restoration of elasticity, from wrinkles; for leatherness, velvety, and tenderness; from the eyelets; against the pigmentation, for the smooth tone; for the care of the lips, especially with its mouth, and especially with the crack, the shellings, and the ranches.
USE OF VOICE for all hair, especially dry, painted; from extinction; to give strength, gloss, dampening.
In soap, from scratch, refined shea butter is used, which does not have a characteristic smell, but gives the soap the luxury characteristics.

We will gently clean the skin with its soft, cream foam and leave the sensation of silkiness. Normal input is 15 -30%.

Storage: in closed containers, at room temperature, in a dark place.

Where can I buy oil/krit? Of course, you don’t have to go to the African continent. It is enough to look at the online store of goods for soap and cosmetics-Aromasoap.

On our site you can buy shea butter not refined in a comfortable packaging. 25 grams for those who only want to try chic oil up to six pounds for the washing-up and the real connoblers.

When buying butter, pay attention to the amount of shea butter that is unrefined. It’s not the cheapest butter. The price must be appropriate.

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